Cricket betting apps 2022

Top cricket betting apps 2022

Cricket fans from India will definitely be happy to know what cricket betting apps are available. They will allow you to make money from your favorite pastime. Let’s take a closer look at this issue and find out which particular resources deserve your attention.

10000 ₹
Minimum deposit
250 ₹
15000 ₹
Minimum deposit
300 ₹
8000 ₹
Minimum deposit
75 ₹
10000 ₹
Minimum deposit
80 ₹
20000 ₹
Minimum deposit
300 ₹
10000 ₹
Minimum deposit
500 ₹
4000 ₹
Minimum deposit
200 ₹
Minimum deposit
500 ₹
Minimum deposit
300 ₹
10000 ₹
Minimum deposit
75 ₹

IPL (Indian Premier League) betting apps will give you a unique experience. You can take advantage of a number of opportunities, enjoy the game from the heart. Try your hand at being a fortune teller, and with the right persistence and luck, you can definitely make good money at it. The most important thing to remember is the following:

  • The best cricket betting apps have a number of positive reviews and features.
  • Users claim that all these resources are safe, there is no cheating.
  • You can easily and seamlessly install the apps directly from the official resources. There won’t be any errors in doing so.
  • The performance of each application is stable. You won’t lose anything if you decide to install.
  • The apps are compatible with most modern mobile devices.

Naturally, there are other important features to pay attention to. But we will tell you about them a little later. It is worth noting that there are a lot of applications for betting today. But there are those that are in the lead among others. It is very important to choose the right option, because only in this case there will be an opportunity to earn good money. So throw all your efforts into finding the best resource for you. The world of gambling will take you away and help you spend many hours pleasantly.

Before we go into detail on this issue, we would like to say that in some applications cricket is the main sport on which the main emphasis is placed. There is nothing strange about it, because the people of India just love it. It brings people together, being their passion. Many other activities don’t compare with cricket.

How to find the best betting app?

Best app for betting

All good apps have certain things in common. Let’s highlight them for better understanding:

  • Platforms let participants take advantage of many different bonuses. These include a welcome voucher, no deposit, various free bets and more.
  • The provider guarantees its users absolute security. What is meant here is that none of your personal information will be lost or given to third parties. If you win something, you will definitely receive a transfer.
  • Registration on the platform does not cause any problems. It only takes a few minutes. And even an inexperienced user who is not particularly versed in technology can cope with this case.
  • If you want to distract from cricket, you can choose some other sports, of which there are many on the platforms.
  • Technical support helps to deal with any problematic issues and responds to appeals promptly.

When you are trying to choose an application from the rich variety of existing options, be sure to decide for yourself what is a priority. It’s just that the word “best” is perceived differently by each person. For example, some people only want to bet and nothing else, while others can’t imagine living without live streaming. So be sure to familiarize yourself with the features offered by the platform. If you are satisfied with everything, then choose this one. Of course, you do not have to download just one application, you can download several at once, according to your taste.

Features of a good betting app

 good betting app

As already mentioned, betting apps in India are very different from each other. At the moment, there are so many of them represented. In addition to the basic important nuances that we highlighted earlier, it is worth to be sure to take into account such nuances:

  • User reviews. Pay special attention to them. Some platforms may publish fake reviews to make the owners look bad. Usually these are machinations of competitors. Go through several sites to come to a final decision.
  • Interface. He must be convenient. If it is all right, then even the most ordinary user will be able to understand all the important details. It’s important that the platform has instructions, sections with questions and answers, and much more.
  • Contacts. Unreliable platforms try to avoid direct communication with users, so they do not leave any data to contact them.
  • Place in the overall ranking of various sites. For convenience, you can also read the comparative reviews to make a final conclusion.
  • The odds and the betting market that exist within the specified application.

What bonuses come in betting apps?

bonus in betting app

Betting apps offer many different rewards for all tastes. All of them are aimed at attracting the interest of the audience. Some also help to increase the activity of people who have downloaded a particular app. Let’s look at the most popular bonus options. It all looks as follows:

  • Welcome bonus. Provided in many different forms. Most often it is money, which can be used for betting. Contribute your own funds in this case is not necessary. Some platforms offer free spins for the casino. Of course, in the case of cricket applications, this is irrelevant. Some welcome bonuses are tied to deposit amounts, which is stated in the terms of service.
  • A deposit bonus that is not linked to registration. In this case, you have the opportunity to receive additional funds after the second, third and so on replenishment.
  • Free bets. Not all platforms have it, but some offer such an opportunity.
  • Various codes. They are mostly offered on partner sites. If you enter them, you can get some money or some special replenishment conditions.
  • Referrals. People who invite friends to bet with them in the same application can claim this bonus. The more referrals you bring to the platform, the more enjoyable the bonus will be.

Don’t forget that all the important points related to the use of bonuses are spelled out in a special Regulation. It is very important to familiarize yourself with them in advance, and then already use the privileges. Thanks to this, you will be able to realize all possible prospects.

If you do not understand something or have any questions about bonuses, you can always contact support. Its employees will help you and will clarify all the important points. In the best apps, they work 24/7, which guarantees a prompt response.

How to start betting with the app?

How to start betting?

Good platforms give you the opportunity to bet without much trouble. Let’s take a closer look at this issue to get a better understanding of all the details. First, make sure that you are registered. It usually becomes available after you download and install the app. Make sure the program is compatible with your smartphone and operating system. Your Internet connection must be stable while downloading.

Most platforms offer registration on easy and favorable terms. Sections are usually appropriately named, and you can also look for a button with the words “Join Now”. You will need to provide the following personal information:

  • Full name.
  • Date of birth.
  • The country in which you live.
  • Phone number and email address. These will be used to link your account and contact you if necessary.
  • Information needed to make payments. These are, for example, credit card details or ewallet details.

After taking the first step, you will become a registered member of the platform. Some resources will then give you the opportunity to join the VIPprogram. Immediately after that, you have the right to go further to make a bid.

To achieve your desired goal, open the “Deposits” section. Deposit money into your account any way you like. This is very easy, because the sites most often have detailed instructions. Of course, you must first explore the options available. Most often these are debit and credit cards, but some companies also accept electronic wallets. Choose the one that you find optimal, which is more convenient for you. Do not experiment.

Once you put money into your account, you can move on to the next step. Open the sports section and pick cricket. There, select the event on which you plan to bet. Specify the size of the bet that you think is optimal. After that, start playing and enjoy the results.

Another important thing is worth mentioning. It can even be singled out as a separate step. Before you place a bet, make sure you have enough information about the event you plan to bet on. Otherwise, there is a high probability that you will lose your deposited funds. Be the player who makes the smartest decisions possible.

The best betting apps in the Indian Premier League

betting apps in IPL

There are so many cricket events that are popular among players. The sport is sure to remain relevant for a long time to come. Of course, be sure to consider the opinions and predictions of experts. If you are also interested in cricket, let’s take a look at all the possible applications. The year 2022 will be the 15th season of the IPL. There are playoffs and a group stage. There are a total of 10 participants and 74 matches. The magnitude of the event is astounding. Judging by the reviews and the words of experts, the best and highest quality will be such apps:

There are, of course, other options worthy of attention. But the ones listed above have proven to be the best, so if you want to try betting, then download just them. They satisfy the needs of even the most picky players:

  • All games are absolutely honest. None of the presented options has anything to do with fraudulent activities. You can see for yourself if you study the numerous reviews of users who have successfully earned excellent sums of money. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the experience of using the applications.
  • Simplicity. All the applications are very easy to deal with. If you doubt anything, just check it out for yourself.
  • An abundance of different promotions and pleasant surprises. This nuance attracts a large number of new users. It’s nice to get gifts for everyone.
  • Stable work without bugs and bugs. They can only occur in situations where your device is unstable or simply incompatible with the application.

How to choose a betting app for the Indian Premier League?

betting apps in Indian Premier League

We have already considered the most important criteria that you should pay attention to. Now let’s figure out how to choose a specific app that will leave only a positive impression. Good options should include such useful features:

  1. A variety of input and output methods. They should include the most common among residents of the country.
  2. A pleasant design, not overloaded with details, but at the same time equipped with everything you need.
  3. Tempting welcome bonus, saying that the operator cares about new users who don’t yet know how to bet correctly.
  4. A live chat section where you can talk to the support specialists.
  5. The ability to bet money in real time.
  6. The platform must have a license. It is presented on the website. The absence of data on it speaks about the unreliability of the company.

Be sure to remember all of these points, and then look for the right application for you. Only then you will feel safe and confident. By the way, make sure the app allows you to bet on things IPL.

What you should pay attention to when choosing IPL Betting Apps?

choosing IPL Betting Apps

All of the materials above are relevant at this time. Particular attention should be paid to which features deserve special attention when choosing a cricket app. We recommend focusing on the following nuances:

  • Caution. Don’t rush into the abundance of market offerings like a maelstrom. It is better to download the most reputable applications mentioned earlier. They are verified and have many positive reviews, you can even read reviews on them if you want. No problems with cooperation will not arise. Of course, some new platforms are also trustworthy, but it is still better to use something old and proven.
  • Bonuses. This aspect has already been discussed earlier. If possible, compare several platforms with each other to draw a conclusion about which one is the most profitable. Do not forget that some operators may have additional requirements for obtaining a voucher. Only after a thorough analysis, make a final decision.
  • Convenient and friendly interface, which will allow you to immerse yourself in betting even for beginners. You should have free access to the history of deposits and withdrawals. It is also important to be able to quickly check your balance and other important for you items. Answer yourself the question: how comfortable is it to use the platform?
  • Visual attractiveness. Here no further comments are required, everything is clear.
  • The cost of downloading. Of course, it is best when you can download the application absolutely free. This will help you to save your budget. Some of the platforms offer a monthly subscription, which is a payment for the services provided. In general, you should look for those options that are considered the best for you in terms of terms.
  • Notifications. Be sure to include them. This will allow you to promptly learn about some promotions, important updates, changes in the conditions of the service and so on. If they are turned off, you might miss information which will be hard to find later.

Bonus for IPL Bets

Bonus for IPL Bets

Betting apps will give you a great opportunity to earn good money. If you use the rewards, you will get a definite advantage. Let’s take a look at what the owners of all the platforms offer in general:

  • Welcome Supplement. One of the most popular options. Such a bonus is available in almost all good cricket betting apps. Naturally, each operator has different offers, so you should read the terms in detail beforehand. Often, on top of the deposit you will be given an additional amount. Sometimes it reaches 100% of the funds deposited.
  • Free Bets. Some platforms tie this feature to the deposit you make. But there are situations where the bonus is given simply upon registration, which is also very convenient.
  • Cashback. In most cases, you can take advantage of cashback. The more you play, the more refunds you will have. Some platforms try to support users even when they lose. That is, you will still get a certain extra payment in such an unpleasant situation. This will help the player to calm down and continue playing with a calm heart, without worrying.
  • Availability of a referral program. It will help you earn from inviting friends. The more people you invite to the platform, the larger the amount you get. Many people find this very tempting.

As you can see, there are plenty of bonuses. You may well be able to find just the one you like. Operators for the most part are friendly to newcomers, and they are willing to do anything to get their attention.

How to sign up for the app?

If you suddenly want to get involved in cricket betting and have already decided on the right app, let’s look at registering. We have already discussed this a little bit. You will need to press a special button to start the process. Most often it is located at the very top of the page. This is relevant not only for the app, but also for the web version.

Each application has its own nuances of registration, but there are some common points. You will need to specify certain personal data. Most often, you need to write your name, date of birth and sex, country of residence and email address. Then you must confirm the creation of an account. Only after that you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds.

In some situations, you can complete the registration only after providing a document proving your identity. As you know, gambling is not available to underage citizens. If you do not show your passport, you will simply be blocked from using the application.

In some situations, there are certain problems with registration. This is sometimes encountered by complete beginners who do not yet understand all the nuances. If you are confused about something, just write to support. The staff will tell you how to act in this or that situation.

In fact, this is all you need to do. There is nothing else you need to do.

The best betting apps in India

best betting app in India

Let’s not hide it: there are a lot of interesting apps in India that deserve attention. Many of them allow you to bet not only on cricket, but also on some other sports. The top, which we will consider below, has a lot of positive evaluations by users. Therefore, you can download any of the listed applications. You are guaranteed to be satisfied with the experience of using it. You will love the winnings.

Let’s list the best platforms. Reviewers recommend the following options:

  • Parimatch.
  • Betway.
  • Melbet.
  • 4raBet.
  • Dafabet.
  • Mostbet.
  • 22bet.
  • Bet365.
  • Indibet.
  • 10CRIC.

Naturally, all these ratings are subjective. You may well make up your own. On other resources you may come across other listings. Choose a specific option based on your wishes and tastes. But the list above includes those apps that have been at the top for a very long time.

Now we’ll take a closer look at the apps on our list in more detail. We will highlight what their features are, why they are worthy of attention.



If you’ve been into betting for a long time, you’ve probably heard of Parimatch at least once. This app deserves to top the list. The platform makes it a pleasure to use and also offers a number of these features:

  • It’s very easy to install on your phone.
  • Statistics are collected in a convenient way, players can easily read and understand it.
  • You can input and withdraw Indian rupees.
  • New players get a number of nice bonuses.
  • The support service works almost constantly. You can always get an answer to your question.

Advantages of the platform

Of course, the platform has certain advantages, due to which it stands out among competitors. Consider them in a little more detail.

  • There is a live casino. It is ideal for people looking for a fully immersive atmosphere.
  • Deposits are processed instantly. There are a lot of deposit options and for all tastes.
  • It offers popular games such as Teen Patti or Andar Bahar.
  • The application is very convenient. In his features will understand even a novice user who has no experience in gambling.



It is impossible not to mention Dafabet apk. This is one of the most popular apps on the market. Some consider it the safest of all. And for some, this platform is even the best in India. It doesn’t take up too much of your smartphone’s internal memory. If you start working with it, you will be surprised at how prompt and responsive the support service is. Employees try to solve all questions very quickly. You can contact them in any way convenient for you: write in chat, call, communicate via social networks or email. When you use this application, the following pleasant moments await you:

  • Cool bonuses and rewards.
  • A deep dive into the market.
  • The ability to watch live streaming.
  • The ability to bet on other sports: horse racing, kabaddi and more.
  • The app is legal.

Dafabet bonus

Any new user wants to get a nice gift from the platform on which he decides to register. And in this case, too, there is such an opportunity. If you join the platform, you can get the following:

  • A welcome offer of up to 8 thousand rupees. This is a 100% bonus on your first deposit.
  • Promo codes found on partner sites.
  • Unique Sports Bonus.



This platform attracts the attention of users by the fact that there are so many different sports presented here. And it’s not just cricket that we’re talking about here. You can bet on football, darts, baseball and more thanks to the 1xbet bookmaker. It takes very little time to download and install the application. Immediately after registration, you can start gambling. Let us highlight the strengths of the project:

  • Full customer support for any questions. Prompt responses to each request.
  • The application is legal, so you do not have to worry about being cheated.
  • All providers are absolutely honest.
  • Payment options abound to suit all tastes.

1xBet Casino

You can try all the popular varieties of gambling here. The top ones are Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack, Baccarra, Roulette and many more. If necessary, you can sort all the titles to find the one that interests you most. Various slot machines are also represented on this resource. You will definitely find something to do. Will not be bored.

Also, you can choose a provider that you like the most. If you approach the process correctly, you will get amazing rewards. The first deposit reward is the most lucrative one you can take advantage of.



This app is extremely popular. You can take advantage of the full functionality as soon as you sign up. This is a really cool place with the following advantages:

  • You can withdraw your earnings very quickly and without any problems.
  • There is an option of betting on the go.
  • The application loads very quickly.
  • The design is intuitive and pleasing to the eye. It is highly appreciated by all users.
  • There are no commissions for making transfers.
  • There is a special betting tracker that increases the efficiency of the betting process.

Be sure to keep in mind that the app is much more userfriendly than the web version. You can figure them out even in situations where you don’t get along with smartphones at all. Residents of India are delighted with this site and note that it gives them the most vibrant and positive emotions.

4raBet Cricket Betting

Cricket betting is very much in demand here. Let’s take a look at the instructions 4rabet app download that will open up this possibility for you.

  1. Immediately after checking all the data, log in.
  2. Deposit the account for the desired amount.
  3. Choose the most suitable bet.
  4. Decide on an event, which you want to predict. Specify the size of your bet.
  5. Wait for the results to be announced.
  6. Get your winnings. It takes very little time to withdraw.

As you can see, everything is very simple and clear. You will not have any problems.



10Cric is another one of the best cricket betting apps out there. Give it a try and download it. You will get a unique experience full of vivid and memorable emotions. Let’s take a little closer look at this platform. Particular attention should be paid to the following strengths:

  • Maximum ease of use. Regular updates are aimed at making the application more and more accessible to most users.
  • Excellent section for realtime betting.
  • The app works on both Android and Apple devices.
  • You can get a nice bonus if you decide to join the platform.
  • You can deposit money into your account any way you want. We are talking about both cards and ewallets. There are really a lot of alternatives.

10Cric Online Casino

The casino on this platform is also very popular. It is welldeveloped and has a number of positive reviews. Users are very happy with it. Responsive support service helps with any questions.

In total, there are more than 1300 games presented here. A really great choice, there is an option for even the most picky people. Vipprogram is also cool, the administration tries to encourage the most loyal players. Slots that are on the platform, you can sort by any suitable criteria. We advise you to pay attention to Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. By the way, there are five other live casino platforms available here.

Royal Panda

Royal Panda

Royal Panda pleases its users with the fact that it has improved security systems. If you decide to download the application of this site, you can be sure: with your money exactly nothing will happen. Personal data will not be leaked either. In addition, you can highlight the following aspects that should attract the attention of the user:

  • Highquality HD streams.
  • An abundance of different cricket markets for all tastes.
  • Support is available 24/7, so you can get an answer to your question at any time of the day or day of the week.
  • The registration offers are some of the most favorable among the competitors. Reviewers highlight this platform as the most attractive for beginners.

Naturally, you can try out here not only all the charms of the bookmaker’s office. You have the opportunity to decide on your most favorite items and get involved in the game to know all its merits. In total, there are more than a thousand items, so you will not get bored.

Betting on sports from the “Royal Panda”

The administration has made sure that the sports here were presented enough. Of the most popular options can be highlighted cricket, tennis, basketball and soccer. You can make bets in real time or place them in advance if there is no possibility to follow the events at the right moment. Royal Panda is regulated in Malta. This means that there shouldn’t be any security issues.

If you want to place a bet, you must first install the app on your phone, and then register. It is very simple, even an inexperienced user can handle it. By the way, once you open an account, you will have the opportunity to place a completely free bet of 2,000 rupees. The odds here are quite good, for this reason, “Panda” is a worthy competitor to many other betting houses. Just use all the opportunities offered to you in order to make the most profit.



Any ranking of the best cricket betting apps would be incomplete without mentioning 22Bet. The people of India simply adore this platform. And their opinion, even in 2022, remains unchanged. Let’s take a look at the reasons why the platform is very popular:

  • Excellent interest rates, symbolizing stable payments to users.
  • An abundance of options for funding the account. They include electronic wallets, various bank cards, credit cards and even cryptocurrency.
  • There are enough games for all tastes. There is an option even for very picky users. There are also live dealers.
  •  Welcome bonuses are very generous. So if you are still thinking whether to start betting at 22Bet, just download the app.

Of course, that’s not all the strengths. Here you can enjoy the intuitive and easy navigation, the quickness of the support staff’s answers and help to users with literally all questions.

22bet Live Casino

The live casino is something that attracts the attention of many users. The fact is that it is well designed and satisfies the wishes of even the most demanding users. If you want to interact with a live dealer, this is the perfect option for you. The range is really wide: Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Poker and more.

According to reviews, the live dealers here are real experts of their craft with a lot of experience. The croupiers are great people who know how to find an approach to each client. The machines have attractive graphics and the highest quality.



Melbet is not talked about as often as other platforms. But that doesn’t mean at all that this app is worse than the others. Let’s find out why you should pay attention to this option. There are not only cricket bets, but something else as well. The most interesting of course is cyber sports. Presented a chic selection of different games, so you can try to bet on the outcome of this or that match.

If we talk about traditional sports, there are about 30 in total. What to do if you haven’t tried gambling before but want to start? Have no fear, you’ll figure it out without a problem. Registering takes you literally a few minutes. See for yourself that everything is very simple.

Advantages of the Melbet site

This site has many advantages, which should be noted. Consider them in detail:

  • Players can make bets using their own currency. This also applies to the withdrawal of funds, the money is converted.
  • All live matches are broadcast in excellent quality. It is a real pleasure to watch them.
  • The work of the application is stable, there are no bugs or anything like that.
  • It is possible to bet on rare sports like Formula One or pesapallo.

From all of this we can conclude that you will definitely be satisfied with the work with this application. Just try to bet at least once and you will understand why the site has so many users.



This site is known to almost everyone who spins in the field of cricket betting. It offers many different features. If you are planning to join this company, pay attention to the existing benefits:

  • The welcome bonus can be as high as 120%. And that’s quite a lot for platforms of this kind.
  • Customer service is available around the clock. For this reason, you can easily solve any questions you have.
  • You can use the application from absolutely any mobile device. There is compatibility with almost all models and operating systems.
  • Many different types of gambling games are presented. This will be good for those who may get bored while betting on cricket.
  • The design of the application is pleasing to the eye and intuitive. Users rate it highly and note that there are no problems with using the site.

Bonus from Becric

If you want to win and earn a lot of money, you may be interested in the rewards offered by Becric apk app. Let’s take a closer look at them:

  • Referral bonus, which is due for inviting buddies to the platform. It is worth noting that you can realize it only a week after registration. And the minimum you have to deposit 3 thousand rupees.
  • There is an additional daily cashback of 10%. In other words, the more you spend, the more amount you will be offered as a refund.
  • Once you create a profile in the app, you will be given a welcome bonus of up to 10,000 rupees. But don’t forget that you have to make a deposit of 1,000 rupees or more to qualify.



You have probably heard about this site at least once. This app is hugely popular and has the credibility backed by a number of positive customer reviews. The administration has made every effort so that you can comfortably play and earn money. Get unique positive emotions and you will definitely be satisfied. The following positive features are waiting for you:

  • Live streaming that you don’t have to pay for.
  • The application’s interface is very bright and interesting, and it’s interactive. It is ideal both for new users and for those who have already had the opportunity to try themselves in this field of activity.
  • It has a very handy betting constructor. Be sure to use it, it will often help you.
  • If you like horse racing or dog racing, be sure to download the application. It allows you to learn more about these sports.
  • The design is minimalistic, which greatly increases the usability of the platform.

Bet365 Sports Betting

Currently, Bet365 for Android is one of the best in India. Betting here is a real pleasure even for sophisticated players. To begin with, of course, you need to register. Nothing complicated in this process.  Just fill in all the listed fields and specify your data.

On the left side of the main page you can choose one of the listed sports. Stop at the one that interests you the most and click the button. You can specify the event on which you want to bet. For example, you have selected cricket. Then you will be offered to decide what you want: international events or domestic. And then you will need to select a specific bet: on wounds, partnerships, foursomes, and so on.

Right after that the odds will be calculated. You’ll just have to wait for the final results. We wish you good luck!



Indibet is also in the top of the best betting apps. The app is mainly designed for cricket fans. Therefore, if you love this sport, be sure to ask about the features of this platform. Users are usually attracted by the following points:

  • Support service is ready to come to your aid at any time of the day or day of the week. There are many ways to communicate with experts, including the use of messengers.
  • Bonuses and promotions here are very nice, they really attract attention.
  • The interface is intuitive and beautiful.

The application will be ideal for those who like to exchange bets. It is worth noting that there are no problems with the input of funds. And they are withdrawn quickly and without a hitch.

Indibet cricket betting

The application will appeal to all cricket fans. It is possible to bet on almost any sporting event. Not only home, but also away and international matches are available. Just select one of the markets presented on the platform.

By the way, if you want, you can stop at fixed or conditional markets to predict the outcome of a particular match. It should be noted that the platform is safe and has been tested by a number of experts. You can safely place your bets on it without fear of anything.

Now let us look at the details. First of all, we want to note that there are no problems with betting at all. Registration takes literally two minutes, which is convenient for people who save their time. After that, confirm the creation of an account. As soon as you have done everything necessary, you will be able to fund your account. Then select the event you are interested in and specify how relevant the bet is. Confirm the placement and wait.

The best Indian Premier League betting apps for 2022

Indian Premier League betting apps 2022

Experts give their predictions as to which apps will be leading the way this year. If you want to make the right choice, check out the list of recommended options:

  • 10CRIC.
  • Casumo.
  • Bet365.
  • Betway.
  • Parimatch.

Of some other good options, you can perform the following: Casumo, Mostbet, Ekbet, Betwinner, Betstarexch.

All of the listed platforms are very popular. The reason is that they are safe and do not leak personal data anywhere. If you have any problems, the support team will promptly respond to your situation. Of course, you will be pleasantly pleased with the nice betting odds. Everything is designed precisely for the comfort of the client. If you want to join the platform, just download the application from the list. You will be very warmly welcomed, as well as any other newcomer

It is always worth trying, even if you are afraid. Just bet the amounts you’re not afraid to lose. If you suddenly notice any glaring flaws, you can always leave for another platform that offers better conditions for you.



One of the favorite platforms of many users. You can even say that this app is the best in the world, not only in India. Therefore, it is definitely worth downloading it to try something unique. First of all, it is worth noting that the administration cooperates with different banking systems. So you can enter or withdraw funds in any convenient way. Ewallets and some other options are also available.

In addition, the application is ready to offer you different betting options. In terms of cricket, you can try to predict the outcome of IPL matches.

Betway cricket Betting

So, you are interested in Betway apk and cricket betting on this site. It all starts with the auction. With very little time left before the IPL, the administration begins to promote and generate more interest in special events and odds to encourage users to place bets.

Placing a bid here is far from as difficult as it might seem. You will need to follow all the same steps as in other situations. First, register and confirm the creation of an account. After that, replenish your account in any suitable way. To do this, open the tab “Bank”. You’ll be offered a list of options and you’ll be able to find the most suitable one.

Once you have done everything that was listed above, open the sports section and go to cricket. A list of tournaments will open to you. Decide on the event that interests you the most, study all the details and place your bet. As you can see, everything is very simple and straightforward. Even if you have no previous experience in gambling, you will understand all the features and nuances.



Of course, it is impossible not to tell about Kasumo. This application is also popular among cricket fans. The main feature that immediately catches the eye is the ability to withdraw money in the shortest possible time.

The interface of the application is modern and trendy. Here you can not only make bets, but also have fun from the heart, trying your hand at the top casinos. The platform offers a lot of different games for all tastes. We will also highlight the following interesting features highlighted by users:

  • Support in different languages. In English including.
  • The administration regularly releases updates, fixing possible bugs and other things.
  • Reliability. The company has been on the market for about ten years.More than 30 sports for betting.
  • VIP status for fans of big games, devoting themselves to the sphere of gambling entirely.
  • Not bad limits for a conclusion.

All this is quite enough to become a member of this site. Be sure to try your hand at it.

Casumo Online casino

If you are more into online casinos, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by Kazumo. There are a lot of pleasant little things here. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  • The games are of very high quality, especially when compared to those of some competitors. The administration is working hard on every position.
  • There are more than 1300 slots. You can try a new one at least every day. Of course, there are the most top and popular options.
  • The welcome bonus is very attractive. You can get 50,000 rupees.
  • There are over fifty different game vendors represented here. They will delight you daily due to their appeal and interest.
  • The live game options are 22.



Another good app that allows you to bet on cricket. You’ll really enjoy your time here. You have the opportunity to enjoy the following strengths of the site:

  • Maximum ease of depositing and withdrawing money.
  • You can choose any sport related to placing bets. In total, there are more than 20 of them. You can always try something new. But also stay on your favorite variety if you wish.
  • The app can be installed on almost any device. It does not have to be modern. It will not take up much space in memory.
  • The platform sends notifications to participants, alerting them to important events. Consequently, you simply won’t be able to miss what you’ve been waiting for so long.
  • The application is compatible with both Android and iOS gadgets.

It is worth noting that Mostbet does not have an advertising campaign like its competitors. That said, the app is still popular, no matter what. You won’t have any problems with it. Your experience with it will leave only positive emotions.

Mostbet soccer betting

Many users of the platform prefer to bet on soccer here. Its great advantage is that there are no unnecessary functions here. In the menu, unnecessary items and everything else is also absent. I would like to note that it is easy to use the application, you will not get confused with the functionality. Everything you need is literally at your fingertips.

If we talk directly about betting on soccer, you have the opportunity to watch matches in real time and participate in various events when the match has already started. For some players, this is the best option, which increases their interest in the site.

If you want to make a bet, be sure to register first. This procedure is very simple and straightforward. It will only need to specify your real personal data. Then replenish the opened account for the desired amount and make a bet. Make sure you know everything about the event of interest. Otherwise you will just waste your money. If you are interested in something other than soccer, you have a chance to choose a different sport. By the way, you don’t have to use the app: the website is also available.

Mostbet Aviator Game

Aviator is a very popular game in India and around the world. When the cricket championship ends, everyone starts playing the Mostbet Aviator Game. After all, this is the game where you can win quickly and easily. If you are a new player then Mostbet offers you the chance to play Aviator for free without registration in demo mode. This will help familiarize yourself with the game, understand its rules and work out your strategy. After that you can start playing for real money. Each player can catch high odds, for example, with a bet of only $2 it is quite possible to win $200 in just a minute!



Of course, this is one of the brightest apps you can come across. The first thing that will attract any player from India is the fact that the site is designed specifically for their audience and not any other. Let’s take a closer look at the merits of Ekbet:

  • A very nice visitation program that includes a bonus for inviting other users. Consequently, the more of your friends who follow the link. The greater the benefit you will receive.
  • To contact the support team, you can use a variety of ways. Employees will try to promptly solve your problem, so that you will be satisfied.
  • There are many payment options to suit all tastes. Refill your account in the most appropriate way.
  • Every day you will be offered more than 200 events, on which you have the opportunity to bet money.
  • You are offered complete freedom of choice, which certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • You can bet on absolutely any sport from among the most popular ones.

As you can see, the world of betting can take you away for a long time if you take the plunge.

Registration on Ekbet

Signing up for the system is not too difficult, and any user can do it. If you’re not sure, follow these instructions:

  1. Find the button labeled “Join Here. Click the button and enter your username and password.
  2. Then write your real name, email address and phone number.
  3. A verification code will be sent to you, which you have to enter in a special field.
  4. Try to pass the authorization procedure in order to get access to your account.

Remember that you will need to pass additional verification in order to open the withdrawal. The system will ask for your documents to make sure you are of legal age. Gambling is illegal for children.



The platform has a very interesting and attractive name. It is also among the top resources that allow you to bet on cricket. You definitely won’t regret downloading it. There are a lot of positive reviews on the application, even though the platform appeared not so long ago. Trust of users Betwinner has earned quite quickly. The following important points deserve attention:

  • The abundance of different payment options. You will be able to choose the best option for your taste.
  • Support is available every day. You can ask the staff any questions you are interested in.
  • The welcome bonus is quite pleasant. Its size can be up to 8000 rupees.
  • If you have a special promo code, it will give additional privileges.
  • The platform is absolutely safe to use, which is very important for beginners who have little understanding of the system so far.

It is worth noting that some countries have restrictions on participation in the program. Therefore, it is best to play from India. But this nuance is not too significant.

Betwinner Live Casino

This is one of the best sections that deserves attention. If you like this kind of thing, be sure to try the corresponding section. You will definitely like the way things are set up here. There’s viproulette, blackjack and other interesting games. The atmosphere is complemented by beautiful graphics, which pleases the eye. In addition, very polite and professional croupiers, who know how to find an approach to each client, work here. You are guaranteed to spend a pleasant time in this place.

How to download apps for Android?

download apps for Android

So, we’ve looked at a lot of app options for all tastes. Surely you would be interested to know how to download what you are most interested in. First, let’s talk about the device you have. Check how well it works, if there are any bugs or errors. There should be enough memory for downloading and installing. It is also worth noting that you should make sure that your Internet connection is stable. Otherwise, you simply won’t be able to initiate the download.

Once you are sure that all is well, you can proceed with the download. Find the application in the list of available ones and click on it. Right after that, the download will start. Then you should proceed with the installation.

How to install the application on Android?

Let’s assume that you have downloaded the apk file to your device. Now let’s move directly to the installation. Let’s look at this process in a little more detail. First, look for the file in the Downloads section. Although some devices will give you a download notification right in the download bar or on the work screen. In general, you will need to click on the downloaded application. The installation will start as soon as you do this.

Wait for the process to complete. Since applications of this kind take up little space, no problems should arise. In addition, the administration has made sure that the platform is compatible with any gadget. As soon as you are ready, just register and go and place your bets.

How to download the app for Apple?

download the app for Apple

In general, the downloading process is about the same as for Android. You have to find the app you want and click on it. The download will start by itself, without any additional intervention. If you need to confirm the permission for the operation, do it. Immediately after that, you can proceed to betting.

Installing the application on iOS

To install it, you will have to perform a number of simple manipulations. Let us consider them in a little more detail:

  1. Locate the downloaded application in the memory of the device.
  2. Tap on it.
  3. Give further confirmations if necessary.
  4. Proceed to registration and betting.

It is very important to make sure that you have the latest version of the operating system. Otherwise, there may be problems with the operation of the application.


How do I download the Cricket betting app if I have Android?

Just look for the app that attracted you the most from the description. Click on its icon and wait for it to download. Make sure that the system has been updated to the latest version.

How do I download an app if I have iOS?

You will need to do the same thing as if you had an Android. Remember to give permission for the operation. It is very simple.

What are the specifics of installing the Android app  what are they?

Check that the download was successful. If you need to clear the memory, do that. Also check the stability of your Internet connection. Then click on the downloaded file, and your phone will install it by itself.

How do I install the app on my iOS?

You just need to click on the file. The process will go through automatically, although you may have to give some permissions.

What kind of bonus can I get on my first deposit?

Most often it is part of the welcome package for newbies. Usually the player is offered to double his deposit (or even give more money on top of the amount). You can get a really nice surprise, with which betting becomes even easier.

How can I make a deposit?

There are many options for making a deposit. It all depends on which application you have chosen. Most sites support deposits from an electronic wallet, a card and so on. Some allow the use of cryptocurrency.

Which betting shops work legally in India?

All the abovementioned betting shops have official registrations. You can trust absolutely all of them. If you are not sure about something, just read the reviews and reviews where all the important nuances are mentioned.

Do the previously listed platforms deserve to be trusted?

Of course they are. We have checked absolutely every app to see how conscientiously it is doing its job. Believe me, each of these platforms can and should be dealt with if you are interested in betting.

Which one is considered the most trustworthy in India?

All the platforms we mentioned are reliable. But the leading ones are Parimatch and Bet365.

How do I start betting on cricket or other sports?

Answer: There is nothing complicated about it. First, you will have to register on the site. Then, replenish your account with the desired amount, after which it will be possible to make bets. Do not forget to specify the size of the latter. And hope for luck!
In general, there are a lot of options for betting apps for residents of India. The choice of the particular variant depends solely on you, be guided by your comfort and wishes. Of course, you should also take into account our tips. Then you can earn really good money.

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  1. Jane

    Gambling is not a good hobby. I can’t say I’m a gambling man. But india bet app I do enjoy it. A big fan of skiing and biathlon. I signed up to bet on these sports. Later I also paid attention to other sports. Sometimes I bet a little, of course. All the same, it is a risk. The outcome of events can be absolutely unexpected (a game is a game).

  2. Mohamed

    I have played in many bookmakers and I can tell you that they are almost all the same. The odds are almost the same. Only the design and some bonuses are different. The priority in choosing a betting office for me is to have an online ipl betting app. I switched from my laptop to my phone a long time ago, so I bet via my iPhone.

  3. Moses

    You told us about the best app for cricket betting. But these betting shops aren’t just suitable for cricket. They are very good for football, basketball, hockey and especially cyber sports. For example I play in 5 apps at once. All have different promotions and bonuses. Where the best deals are, that’s where I go.

  4. Emmanuel

    I have never played before. I wondered where online cricket betting apps download and most importantly which one. Thanks for the reviews. I spent almost a whole day on your website, I read about all the bookmakers. I have chosen several of them. I downloaded them to my phone and I will be playing soon. Wish me luck!

  5. Paul

    I started betting here in the early spring last year, a friend got me hooked on betting. At first, of course, I did not know anything at all, mostly my friend told me what to do. But after half a year I got used to it and now I know everything about betting)). So, about BK. I don`t know, I am getting used to it, I can say that by now I know everything about betting. But for me the favorites are Betway and Dafabet. My first feedback was that with all odds and situations I always got the sum I won. Last winter I won about $10000 and bet $150 and I was very worried that they would not pay me back as I had heard that they often do not pay large sums back. My joy had no bounds when I realized that the money had been returned. As always, everything was normal and within 2 days I received my money. During the years there were some nuances, but I was always answered by the technical support and it was always clear, there were no questions. I cannot say anything bad about ipl cricket betting apps, on the contrary. I don’t want to impose my opinion on anyone, I just decided to leave a review as there are always many bad ones and only a few good ones.

  6. Victor

    One very important indicator for people professionally involved in betting is having a quality betting office. I read your rating and partly agree with you. You put the best in the top. But some of my favourites are at the bottom for some reason. They are not bad. For example I really like to play betwinner. I advise all cricket bet app download.

  7. Abha

    It seems to me that the india bet app is the best developed. Our people love sports and everything connected with it, including betting. But I don’t understand why the odds are so low everywhere. Last year they were higher. I really hope that in the fall, when the games start, the betting shops will raise the coefficients and we will be able to win more.

  8. Barry

    The season will start soon and I want to win this year for sure! Therefore, I now choose the best bet app in india. Tell me in what conditions are best, the previous office did not suit me. Once upon a time, I needed to place a live bet. But the app crashed and I couldn’t win. I want this to never happen again.

  9. Odsie

    I’m not a professional gambler, but I’ve been betting for a long time and with varying success. I bet mostly on tennis and soccer, but lately I got interested in cricket and decided to choose ipl 2022 betting apps.
    I have an account in three consoles but Dafabet is the main one for me. Registration is simple not to much bother. I like a wide choice of line, with keyframes here not all ideal, but you can bet, most importantly not undervalue. I do not know about large sums, but the small money has always come. I do not win so much, although in April I have a few lucky bets on tennis. During all the time of betting here I have never been asked again for any documents. I don’t remember any cuts exactly. It is very convenient to bet in the application. You can play at least 24 hours a day. Also, you can watch online broadcasts. The most obvious disadvantage is their promotional policy because there are not many promotions, mainly 1-2. I do not give anything just like that, which is a real shame, because I give a lot of money to my company. I do not want to give anything just like that.

  10. Lion

    On the one hand, all betting companies are, in principle, similar and, looking from the outside, it can be difficult to choose the best bet app for cricket. You can either check each of them by yourself and then draw conclusions, or take your chances and choose an office according to your friends’ reviews and advice. I chose according to my friend’s experience. He has been betting on sports for a long time. To be honest, I did not like playing. I only won $100. But I wasted a lot of nerves. It is not worth it.

  11. Joseph

    Thanks to you I think I found my best ipl betting app 2022. And it’s crickex. I am completely satisfied with it. I didn’t expect the application to be so convenient for me. I’ve done a couple of soccer and basketball bets but i’ll be betting on cricket soon when my favorite teams are playing.

  12. Nitesh

    After reading your top ten cricket betting app I can say that there is no such thing as the best bookmaker. In general, my observations and experience show that such sites are designed for losers who are deluded that one day a bet will bring them the maximum possible winnings. Personally, I have never won more than $500 on bets. So it’s all a fairy tale that you can become a millionaire.

  13. Souvik

    Many of my friends are always complaining that they don’t know where to get money, that they don’t have enough to pay the rent, buy food or upgrade their car. These are problems that many people face in our world. I solve all these problems in betting apps cricket. I don’t go to work. After all, betting on sports is my job where I get more than 5 thousand dollars a month. Subscribe to my instagram Souvik-Sport to become like me

  14. Sairam

    I realized that choosing a good betting app for ipl 2022 is not easy. So I started reading forums and reviews. I liked your rating the most. I spent the whole day reading your site and realized which sites are worth playing and which are not. Thank you

  15. Rohan

    Thank you for helping me choose the ipl bet app. I set a goal for myself to buy a new car. In order to do that, I need to make $10,000. I’m sure I can do it. I am lucky in cricket. I’ll read analysts, they often make the right analyses.

  16. Kavi

    As for sports betting, if someone wants to make money on it, then I sincerely doubt, of course you can win. Recently, my friend won 2 thousand dollars in online cricket betting apk. But I am sure that he will lose them later. but I will never take it very seriously because I play more for fun,

  17. Patel

    From such a big list of best betting apps for ipl 2022 I never chose my favorite. All of them are good enough for me. That’s why I look where the odds are higher and bet there

  18. Charan

    Thanks to you I chose the best app for ipl betting. I downloaded the application on my smartphone Huawei. The application does not take up much space, the navigation is not different from the official website. My money can be withdrawn from the app, the main thing is that it is fast, without delays. I advise everyone, at least for the sake of convenience.

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