Teen Patti

Teen Patti game or 3 Patti is very popular. It came to us from India. To some extent, it resembles poker, although it has certain differences. The most interesting thing is that you can play this game for money online and win real cash.

How to Play 3 Patti Online?

From 3 to 6 people can participate in an online game. The deck includes 52 cards, there are no jokers in it. Before the giveaway begins, a loading amount is selected, which is then collected from users. Everyone receives three cards face down. The amount in the bank increases as you progress, the winner receives funds in accordance with the rules. The winner is the one who stays in the match until the end of the hand and has the best combination, which is visible in the diagram. Let’s learn more about this game and find out what the rules are in more detail.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti Hand Rankings

  • Each player makes an initial contribution. Thanks to him, he gets access to three hole cards.
  • The match starts with the player located near the dealer. It continues in accordance with the movement of the hour hand.
  • The user can place a bet without seeing the cards, that is, blindly, or vice versa. After he sees them, he is prompted to do ” Chaal ” or any other action. It all depends on the current move.
  • When you play Teen Patti online, you can call it “blind poker” if you are betting blind. If you have seen the card, you will be given the name “seen player”.

3 Patti Hand Rankings

If you decide to try your hand at this game, you need to know that the table will be ranked from top to bottom:

3 patti
  1. A trail or set, that is, three cards of the same value.
  2. Pure sequence.
  3. Sequence or series.
  4. A pair, that is, two cards of equal value.
  5. High card.

In an online three -patti sequence AKQ has the most weight. A-2-3 is the sequence of the second rank.

Important terms of the game Teen Patti

  • Boot . This is if you need to download the game. Another name for this item is ante, entry fee or bank. This is the amount that each player contributes before the start of the match. And, of course, it’s the same for everyone. This must be done, it cannot be avoided. Cards will be discarded every round. Absolutely all users are equal, which is very important. This increases interest and encourages learning in the process. The stakes are not too high.

It is worth noting that during matches quite often users are far from the workplace, as a result of which they miss the opportunity to bet money. He needs to “publish” to get back into the process. The amount that must be sent for good luck in the next hand is the same as the boot at the time the player missed his time.

  • Blind player. This is a user who does not want to look at the maps. He wants to feel extra excitement. You can play in different ways, but if necessary, your cards will be shown to you. To start the match, you will need to deposit the bet amount into the bank. It will be equal to the current rate or its double figure. If the first player of the match decides to try a blind game, the bet will be equal to the amount of the boot or twice its value.
  • Stake amount. The bet that the blind user placed has the same amount as the “bet” for the next one. If it is made by the player who sees his cards, the amount will be halved. It is worth noting that in the game only a blind user can initiate a show when there is only one opponent left. The winner will get the whole bank, which is very tempting.
  • Seen player. This is the person who knows what cards he has, which gives him certain advantages. He can act at his own discretion, work out strategies depending on the current stage. Other popular options that are often used are Show and Side Show . Once the user is familiar with his cards, he can decide whether to stay in the match or not.
  • Chaal. When you login Teen Patti, wanting to win real money, try playing Chaal or Side Show . Of course, if they are available. You must deposit the required amount in the bank. It will be double or quadruple of the current digit. If the previous user prefers blind matches, the amount will be the same as the player wagers.
  • In accordance with the rules of the game in question, the player seen may request Side Show wanting to win real money. The principle is to compare the cards with those of the opponents. The option will be available only if the previous player is also seen. There should also be other users in the distribution. You are obliged to send to the bank the amount requested, even if it is doubled. Decide what to do based on your cards. And keep in mind that your opponent may have better ones than you. Then the move will move to the next user. If the Side Show was denied three times, you will not see each other’s cards. Both users will remain in the match. The move will move to the next one.

Limited Stake Patti and Unlimited Bet Teen Patti Tables

There are certain restrictions on the amount of bets in the Teen Patti game. The user cannot bet as much money as he wants. Assume that the amount of the buting is two rupees. In this case, only four blinds are available to the user . Maximum Chaal Size – 256. The pot limit will then be 2048. When it is reached in three matches, all users will have to close their cards. After that, everyone will know who won. This person will take over the entire bank. These are the rules of this game. If you are a beginner, then limited bets are a great option for you.

How it all goes

Bets continue until one of the following events occurs:

  1. All but one user will build full decks.
  2. The only remaining player will take all the money that has accumulated in the bank. The cards don’t matter in this case.
  3. All users except for two collect decks. If one of them requests a “show”, both have to show their cards. It helps to pick a winner. Be sure to look at the diagram during the match. Only the seeing player is allowed to the so-called blind show.
  4. If both are spotted by users making a double bet, then anyone can request a show.
  5. A blind user is not allowed to request a show.

It is forbidden to show or exchange banks in the game.

Sequences and rankings 3 Patti

Three of a kind or trio, as the name implies, three cards of the same value. High is aces. The lowest, respectively, is two.

Straight Flush /Pure Sequence is when three cards of the same suit are dealt consecutively. The highest sequence is A-2-3. This is followed by AKQ , KQJ and so on up to 4-3-2. Note that KA -2 is not a straight flush in this game . But in fact it is a flash .

Straight/Sequence. These are three consecutive cards of different suits, this is how Teen Patti thinks games. The highest sequence is A-2-3 and all the way up to 4-3-2. It is considered the lowest. KA -2 is not valid in this situation.

Flush/color is when all three cards are of the same suit. If this combination is observed by two users at once within the match, the one with the highest card will win. With the same value of the cards, the ranking will be carried out by suit – it all starts with spades and ends with clubs.

Pair. In this game, two cards of equal value are considered a pair. The highest pair is aces, and the lowest pair, respectively, are deuces. If pairs are marked by both users, the one with the higher cards will win. But in an equal scenario, to determine the winner, you should look at the face value of the third card.

No pair (high card). If both have the same high card, the remaining values are entered into the match in accordance with all the rules of the game. The probabilities of different combinations are different. You can roughly calculate them, taking into account that the deck includes a total of 52 cards. We have put together a handy table for you.

Three of a kind/trio520.24%424.00:1
Straight Flush /Pure Sequence480.22%459.42:1
No pair/high card1644074.39%0.34:1

Teen Patti game variations

Teen Patti game variations

The Teen Patti game for real money can be played in a variety of variations. Some like them individually, others like them in combination.

Best-of-four. Each user receives four cards instead of the usual three. You need to collect the best combination.

Lowball . Here the order of ranking is strictly opposite. The weaker your cards, the better. This is ideal for those who are usually unlucky, but who want to win at least once.

Wild draw. According to the rules, the dealer draws one card at random after the deal, and then assigns similar ones as wildcards.

Low Wild – The user’s cards with the lowest ranking are considered optimal. And only if they are in the player’s hand.

High wild. Here, the highest ranked cards are considered wild, but only if they are in the player’s hand.

Two-lowest wild. The user receives 4 cards. The two lows received together form a virtual wild when they are in the player’s hand. According to the rules, if the two low cards are a pair, it can be treated as one wild card. Two mid-rank cards count as a pair. Then the user has no wild cards.

Bust card draw. In this cash game, the dealer draws one card at random after the deal, and then assigns all of the same rank with a bust. Any user who has busts is required to reset.

Stud. Here, each user receives a predetermined combination of cards. They are given both face down and face up. In the first case, they are called closed. In the second – street. The combination is selected depending on the variant of the game.

Community. Reminds me of poker in Texas Hold’em . Users are dealt cards face down, after which several common choices are shown face up in the center of the table. You have the opportunity to choose the best combination for yourself.

Consider the options:

  1. Community of three cards. Each user receives two hole cards. Then one common face up is issued. There is a real opportunity to win good amounts.
  2. Community of five cards. The user receives two hole cards, followed by three community cards face up. Sometimes you may be required to select an option face down and two face up.

Teen Patti Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Teen Patti game site?

There are many sites on the Internet where you can find game Teen Patti. You can choose one of them. First, learn the security, certification and its basic features.

Can I play Teen Patti online?

Oh sure. Come to Teen Patti and play 3 Patti online for free. And win real money.

Which 3 Patti game is better?

You can play many variations of the Three Patti game. Depending on your choice the most popular ones are Best of Four, Stud, Low Ball, Community.

Are these the same “Poker” and “3 Patti”?

No. Poker and Teen Patti are different online card games. Teen Patti is a pure random game, whereas poker is a game that requires intelligence, skill and cunning.

How can I earn 3 Patti every time?

If you decide to Teen Patti login and play online, play blind more often and start with a low bet. Be patient and don’t show your emotions. Take a break if you hit hard. Don’t invest more to earn more.

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